What I Ate on a Sick Day (Vegan)

Unfortunately I have been struck down by the nasty colds and sore throats going around, and working in retail with germs everywhere it was pretty inevitable. However, I'm trying to fight this infection and send it back to the seventh circle of hell. Today I ate a variety of foods and home remedies to help… Continue reading What I Ate on a Sick Day (Vegan)


A Vegan in Paris

France, and even Paris itself, is notoriously oblivious to vegetarianism let alone veganism. Therefore, as two picky vegans myself and my friend were skeptical of Paris' offerings. However, nestled between hundreds of cheese shops and butchers there are a number of exceptional vegan restaurants . Nevertheless, there is no middle-ground, and you'll have a very… Continue reading A Vegan in Paris


REVIEW: New Wagamama Vegan Menu

The lovely people at Wagamama in York hosted a taster evening and I was lucky enough to be able to go. We got to try some delicious new drinks, and great food including the famous 'Vegatsu'. First we were given these 'Nix and Kix' drinks which are a bit healthier than fizzy drinks and have… Continue reading REVIEW: New Wagamama Vegan Menu


A Vegan in Berlin

Traditional German food is notoriously dominated by meat products, however what may not be public knowledge is that the capital city of Berlin is a blossoming vegan paradise. Walking around the city, the streets are full of restaurants with signs advertising their 'vegan options', while entirely vegan restaurants are in abundance. My friend and I… Continue reading A Vegan in Berlin


Creamy Tomato Pasta [Vegan]

This is a simple, quick creamy tomato pasta recipe thats a great comfort meal, especially with garlic bread! Enjoy! Ingredients: 1 red onion 3 cloves of garlic handful of cherry tomatoes 1 carton of tomato passata 100g vegan cream cheese 1tsp of italian herbs salt and pepper to taste enough pasta for 2 people Method:… Continue reading Creamy Tomato Pasta [Vegan]


A Vegan in Rome

Italy is by far my favourite European country, I'm completely obsessed with how beautiful it is. Myself and my boyfriend had already visited Venice, Verona and Lake Garda and we decided it was time to see the beauty of Rome. I hadn't been to Italy since becoming Vegan, therefore I was relatively worried about being… Continue reading A Vegan in Rome


Mediterranean Vegetable Risotto [Vegan]

After only recently learning how to make it, I’ve been obsessed with making risottos! I’m not one to follow recipes when I’m cooking, and always just chuck things in a pan and hope for the best. This one is the best. Its creamy, tomatoey, and exactly what you want to eat while curled up on… Continue reading Mediterranean Vegetable Risotto [Vegan]